Svalbard Part 5: The beauty of the North

Some shots from a landscape that I hope we can continue to be inspired by. Click on the images to see them in high resolution. They still won’t do the place justice, but it’s a start.






Triple point




Frozen air












Polar bear tracks









































6 thoughts on “Svalbard Part 5: The beauty of the North”

  1. Many thanks Noel for the photo-studies of the frozen North.
    They give a great sense of the stillness and space.
    In particular we liked the “Triple-point” and the polar bear tracks.
    We were glad to see that the bear was heading in the right direction !
    The folks.

  2. Hi Noel, Dad and I saw the photo of the polar bear tracks and I was wondering if you actually saw any polar bear? Lots of love, Ellen Xxx♥♡

  3. Hi Ellen (and Dad), thank you for your message! The tracks were the closest I came to seeing any polar bears. They are incredible creatures, and although it would have been amazing to see one, it’s generally best when humans and polar bears give each other space. The Arctic is the polar bear’s home, and when people like me visit there, we try to avoid contact with them so that they can live, hunt, and raise their young without being disturbed. Encounters with polar bears can be dangerous for the bears as well as people, so it’s best to avoid them when possible. Sending love to everyone in Tullycooley!

  4. Hi Noel, I was wondering how the glaciers are melting? I miss you, Matthew Xxx.

    1. Hi Matthew, thanks for your question! Glaciers are mostly made of ice. When the temperatures get warm during the summer, the ice starts to melt, and the glacier gets smaller. Then during the winter, snow falls on the glacier,and turns into ice, making the glacier grow. However, the Earth has been getting warmer recently, and the glaciers are melting faster than they can grow. This means that they are getting smaller and smaller. People who study glaciers and the Earth’s climate (how warm or cold it is) believe that humans and the pollution we put into the air is a big cause of why the Earth is getting warmer, and why the glaciers are getting smaller. Let me know if you have any more questions. Talk to you soon!

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